How to record skype video and audio call on android phone

Call recording on Skype has been made easier with the function supported in the native application itself. You no longer need to download third party apps to record calls on Skype. It can be a video call or a voice call. This feature is also available for both PC client applications and mobile apps, but your app must be up to date to enjoy it fully. If you prefer, you can share, download or delete the recorded call later. However, you should tell the call recipient who you are about to start recording.

Recording calls on your PC

Regardless of whether it is voice or video, please go ahead and start the call. When the call is turned on, a plus sign (“+”) mark will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen. When you click on it, “Start recording” is displayed. When recording starts, the other party is warned that the call is being recorded. Calls are automatically saved when you hang up or click the plus (“+”) sign to stop recording. Calls are automatically saved in the chat tab of the specific contact you’ve made.

From there, recordings can be stored in MP4 format for both audio recording, such as voice calls and video recordings, such as video calls. Recording is available on Skype for 30 days only, so you can download it directly by clicking on three points. To download a recording to a different location on your PC, you can save it as “Download” or “Save as”. Other options, such as sharing and deleting a recorded calls, are also available from the 3-point menu.

Recording calls on your smartphone

The same method is used for recording calls from your smartphone. If you are on a phone call on a smartphone, click the [+] sign in the center and tap [Start Recording]. When the call ends, the video is saved in chat with the person you called. Press and hold the file to save, share, or delete the recording.

Recording a call without your partner’s consent is unethical and, depending on your place of residence, it is like an illegal act.



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