How To Optimize The IPhone For Gaming

Use these simple tips to speed up iPhone game playing performance.

How To Optimize The IPhone For Gaming

The market for handheld games is booming for all reasons, because of all the smartphones that hit the market. Everyone has something, some of which are very bad for the resources of our mobile phone.

Although the performance of the high-end Android phone is quite good, although the iPhone has many benefits, the iPhone is not known for its gaming features.

However, this does not mean that iPhone users can not make most of their phones. The best and most effective way to get the most out of your iPhone when it comes to the gaming experience. Follow the tips

Check for updates

Although installing the latest operating system can slow down an old model phone, if you are confident that your phone can manage it, you should opt for it.

You have to go through the Settings > General > Software Update to confirm if an update is pending. Installing the latest version OS can solve many problems and speed up your slow iPhone.

Turn off all background apps

On the Home button, you can double-click to check the applications that are running and close unnecessary applications service that may be running in the background.

There are specific applications that can be very challenging for the phone’s resources. Exit from all unnecessary apps which are currently running is a smart way to ensure that you can play the game.

Disable automatic app updates

Like an Android operating system, iOS 7 will automatically update applications. The entire process runs in the background and automatically checks for application updates. Although this is useful if you tend to forget to update your applications, on the other hand, it can also slow down your applications.

Apps that update automatically in the background can contribute to a more challenging than a perfect gaming experience. Disabling automatic application updates can improve the performance of gaming.

You can disable automatic updates by going to Settings > iTunes & App Stores and In the ‘Automatic downloads’ section, find the updates’ and disable it.

Block Applications from using the GPS

An app that keeps track of your geographical location continuously can be a problem for performance. Other apps do not require location information, except for a few apps like weather apps and maps.

Restricting apps that use location will improve the game playing experience. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to see which applications use location services and disable applications you don’t use often.

Turn Off the graphics

After iOS 7, many visual effects have been added. These may also affect the performance of gaming. Disabling these unwanted visual effects can do much to improve the performance of gaming. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. In the Accessibility Settings, search and enable the Reduce Motion’ option.

Clearing the storage Freeing the built-in storage is an easy way to speed up your slow multimedia phone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone. You can also delete text messages, junk files, music files, photos, videos, etc. to clear storage space.

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