How To Generate Debit Card Pin At Atm Machine

how to generate debit card pin at atm machine

It is essential to have a debit card pin. This is because it is the only security code used when making ATM transactions.

How to generate ATM PIN:

To ensure security and eliminate the risk of debit card pins being abused, many banks have chosen new service patterns that issue cards and require customers to manually generate ATM pins.

You must have found that before, every time you went to open a bank account, a new debit card would be given in a letter. In the letter, there will be a debit card and four random digits provided by your bank that used to operate like your ATM pin.

The reason for having a debit card pin is that it is the only security code that is used when performing ATM transactions. However, some banks not only take your debit card PIN into account, but also use One – Time Password and other services in the case of online banking. Therefore, you must keep your ATM pin safe. However, not many people know how to generate debit card pins accurately.

Before explaining how to generate ATM pins, you need to register a mobile number with a bank and become a customer who will carry this facility at an ATM. This means that you should not allow anyone to generate an ATM pin either as your spouse, family or friends.

Here’s how you can generate your debit card pin at an ATM.

Step 1 – Visit the nearby branch of your bank and place your debit card in an automated teller machine.

Step 2 – There will be a various option available such as cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, mini statements etc. However, just below these options you need to find another pointer that will say to generate an ATM pin.

Step 3 – Selecting the Generate Pin option takes you to a page that holds two new options, such as Generate OTP and available OTP.

Step 4 – First, you need to choose to generate an OTP. Within a few seconds, you will get a six-digit code on your registered mobile number.

Step 5 – Please insert the card into ATM again and select Generate pin.

Step 6 – You will again be directed to the same two option pages, including OTP. This time you need to select an available one-time password.

Step 7 – After selecting the OTP Available option, you will be asked to enter a new PIN.

Step 8 – Add any 4-digit random number that you can easily remember and submit. Do not save your birth dates and telephone number as an ATM pin because it is easy to hack.

Step 9 – After entering a new PIN, you will be asked to re-enter the same 4-digit number for confirmation as a second pattern of authentication. Then click submit.

Step 10 – You can process any transaction immediately at ATM using the newly generated ATM pin number.

However, it must be noted that in most state – owned and private banks, this is the most common procedure. However, some private banks ask you to enter your registered mobile number while choosing to generate an OTP.
Therefore, follow the prescribed pattern without confusion. If you select the option to generate an ATM pin on the machine, the instruction becomes very easy after inserting the debit card.

Apart from ATMs, a customer can also use sms and online banking facilities to generate pins, and the instructions vary by t bank. Therefore, you should always consult your bank if you have any questions. You’ll also need to enter your bank account number if you’re online, and the message pattern according to your bank code for SMS.

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