Rent apartments in New York – the quest, in fact, the one still. This drama, and action, and sometimes even a spy detective. How to successfully overcome all the circles of this hell and sign a contract for renting your dream apartment – read below!

Tips 1: who and where to rent an apartment in New York

In New York, the owners of real estate in most cases are companies. Private ads also happen, but finding them, avoiding a long chain of realtors, is quite problematic. You can search on the Airbnb website,, however this resource is more suitable for short-term rent. It is also good to periodically check Craigslist, and sometimes it can be lucky even with a local newspaper. Regarding the districts, the city is divided into five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. They, in turn, also consist of smaller areas. There are good areas with expensive real estate, but there are restless, with noisy Spaniards and relatively inexpensive apartments.

who and where to rent an apartment in New York

Tips 2: apartments without commission (no-fee apartments)

As we have already said, renting apartments in New York is often the work of management companies. Usually they are engaged in premium class apartments, but there are also those specializing in inexpensive houses . In order to avoid a meeting with a realtor and its 12-15 percent commission from the annual cost of rent, try to contact directly with the leasing office of the management company. There you will be helped to find the right option and become his lucky renter without any intermediaries.

Apartments without commission nyc broker fee laws

Tips 3: Exclusive real estate agent nyc

It is likely that in order to rent a house in New York, you still have to deal with an agent. If so, try to find an exclusive agent. This person has the exclusive right to dispose of the apartment in certain buildings. This will help to minimize the agency commission and will give an opportunity to bargain. These agents are not in all homes, but if somehow (without a fee to a realtor) you will be able to calculate the location of the apartment you like, hurry to the address and try to find out the contacts of this most exclusive agent.
Exclusive real estate agent nyc

Tips 4: fake photos

The real estate market in New York is so dynamic that little attention is paid to the description of objects and their photos. When there is a free apartment, for the realtor the main thing as soon as possible to publish the announcement in its database. If the photos of the apartment are ugly, they can easily be replaced by something similar, but more attractive. This is exactly the place seen in the pictures of bright, cozy apartments are rooms with peeling plaster and windows overlooking the wall.

Tips 5: carefully, scammers!

Renting an apartment in New York is a good way to get rich quick. A foreigner who has just arrived in the country is a tasty morsel for various kinds of scammers. You can be offered to throw several thousand dollars on PayPal as an advance payment, pay for an application for renting a studio or rent an apartment on the Internet, and get the keys some time later. Variations can be mass, so be vigilant and always read what you sign.
How to rent an apartment in New York

Tips 6: I’m feeling lucky

No matter how strange it sounds, renting a home in New York in many ways depends on luck. It’s like a roulette or a lottery. You never know if the photos are real, how loud the neighbors like to listen to music and if the toilet is not right somewhere in the middle of the kitchen. In view of this, everything is important to be in the right place and at the right time. Update Craigslist 25 times a day, and as soon as you see a hint of a decent apartment, rush headlong there – you may be lucky to get into the top five potential tenants.

Tips 7: I’m good!

Renting an apartment in New York should be fast and swift. Let’s say you found a suitable apartment. To remove it, you need to hurry, because good housing will not be idle. In America, laws on the side of the tenant, so the landlord seeks to secure himself as early as possible. First of all you will have to prove to him your reliability: bring an extract from the bank with a good credit history, show a certificate from the work with the size of your salary and provide a letter from the guarantor, where he undertakes to pay the rent, if you fail. Considering that you are a foreigner, you probably will not have a part of these documents, so include charisma, bring statements from at least some bills and suggest you pay six months in advance.

Renting an apartment in New York

Hopefully, now you are a little closer to successfully and without extra spending to rent an apartment in New York. Good luck to you!

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