Most likely, you already know about the “portrait mode” of Apple – a feature that adds artistic blurring (Booker effect) to photos taken on the camera. It was introduced with the iPhone 7 Plus, using its dual camera system to create an effect. At today’s event, Apple announced a new addition to the portrait mode, called Portrait Lighting (portrait lighting). As the name implies, it allows you to control the visual effects of lighting on the pictures, to obtain a particular effect of the composition.

The features of the new function sound appealing, but what about the photos with the portrait of Lighting? Well, in the gallery below are a few examples, which shared the company Apple. As you can see, Portrait Lighting provides several styles, depending on the effect you are looking for. “Studio lighting,” for example, illuminates the face of an object, while “contour lighting” manipulates highlights and shadows to emphasize the details of a person’s face in a portrait.

To get brighter results, the “step light” mode places the face on a flat black background. The effect can be deleted or changed even after the picture was taken.

Keep in mind that these are not just filters. These effects are applied using real-time image processing and manipulations supported by a system with two cameras and Apple hardware in the latest iPhone. Perhaps that’s why there are no prerequisites indicating that the iPhone 7 Plus will receive portrait lighting as soon as iOS 11 is released for everyone. Although I would like to hope that this is not so.

While portrait lighting is still in the beta stage, the results in the examples below seem promising. Expected, Apple will be able to realize new opportunities at a decent level.

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