A highly disabling rheumatic disease, osteoarthritis can fortunately be relieved entirely naturally. Focus on the power of essential oils to fight osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis, a painful condition

The osteoarthritis is caused by premature wear of cartilage. If this condition affects essentially the knees, hips and fingers, all the joints of the body may be concerned. Increasingly, osteoarthritis usually manifests itself in pain, sometimes accompanied by inflammation. Often treated with analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs, osteoarthritis can also be relieved through the use of certain essential oils.

The essential oil of wintergreen, specialist in osteoarthritis

If it is an essential oil that must be used in case of osteoarthritis, it is that of wintergreen. This unknown plant, originating in China, has indeed powerful antalgic properties. Very popular with athletes, it helps to reduce inflammation around joints and tendons.

Essential oils of thyme and lavandin for the relief of osteoarthritis

The essential oil of thyme saturates is known for its effectiveness on joint pain. Originally from Morocco, this plant with delicate fragrance can be used in massage or diluted in the bath water. For more efficiency, it is possible to associate it with the essential oil of lavandin grosso known for its decontracting and anti-inflammatory properties.

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