Desmodium is a plant traditionally used for its hepatoprotective properties. Indeed, it is frequently prescribed in phytotherapy to regenerate the cells of the liver and promote its proper functioning. But does the desmodium have other properties? Is it effective against pain due to rheumatoid arthritis?

Virtues of Desmodium

Desmodium is a plant that is effective in many areas. If its action on the liver is very well known (it struggles against certain jaundice, hepatitis and cirrhosis), it must also know that it is beneficial for the lungs. Thus, in general, it helps to fight against various respiratory disorders, such as sinusitis, influenza syndrome (in particular persistent coughs), bronchopathies and even asthma. Frequently consumed in herbal tea, decoction or infusion, it can also be used in the form of ointment or poultices in application cutaneous, to promote the wound healing.

Desmodium and rheumatoid arthritis

Desmodium may also exhibit properties of interest to the musculoskeletal sphere. Indeed, certain varieties of desmodium are able to relieve the spinal or rheumatic pains related to muscular and tendinous problems (including aches and cramps). This plant is even effective in fighting arthritis. To take full advantage of its virtues, desmodium can be taken in the form of capsules or tablets, usually at 600 mg / day, by distributing the catch before meals.

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