The chassis is the first place where customers look when selling a used car, which is rarely visited by most motorists because of the lack of access to the flyover, use the lift or just go to the car service, as well as the part of the car that is subject to the most frequent repairs due to a particular vulnerability.

On the suspension is collected all the dirt, there is increased corrosion of the metal. In the end, she takes care of all the blows received from roads of poor quality that have always existed in our country and, unfortunately, have not diminished over the years.

A breakdown in the running gear of the car can not be recognized immediately, and pay attention only when there is any knocking or buzzing under the bottom. For this reason, the diagnosis of the suspension should be carried out at least several times a year, preparing the car for the upcoming season. And the more often the machine is operated, the more often it can and should be inspected by its running gear.

The importance of maintaining a good suspension status

The importance of keeping the suspension in good condition rarely rises before experienced drivers. From its general safety and the quality of its details, the life of the people who are in it depends directly, because in some cases the breakdown can cause a terrible tragedy.

From wear and tear on parts and components, handling, comfort and safety are deteriorating. And one broken or worn out detail can accelerate the wear and other components of the running gear. For example, only one defective and unmounted damper will result in the rapid wear of ball bearings, wheel bearings, transmission shaft, brake pads and wheel disks.

Chassis functions and components

The undercarriage is responsible for the following functions, allowing you to comfortably operate the car:

  • Softening of impacts from driving on rough road,
  • Maintaining the necessary clearance between the bottom of the car and the road surface,
  • Maintaining the weight of the machine,
  • Maintaining the geometry of the wheels or convergence-camber, reducing tire wear,
  • Control of controllability during turns,
  • Maintaining good contact with the road for effective braking and control over the entire car.

The main components of the suspension and running gear:

  • Shock absorbers,
  • Shock absorber struts,
  • Springs or springs,
  • As well as levers, rods and slats.

Do not expect a breakdown, diagnose the chassis of the car to the authorized service center or official partner of quality car manufacturer provides guarantees for high level of service.

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