When you want to lose weight and you have difficulty getting into the diet and depriving yourself of our favorite dishes, you often end up losing your weight loss goal and putting it among the dungeons.

In this article I share with you 10 detailed steps, simple and fast to lose your 1st kilo weight in a week. Follow me here >>

Step 1:
Start now to apply the following tips.

2nd step:
Set a precise and realistic goal that concerns you personally and that does not depend on any external elements. If you make the decision to make efforts to lose weight, take it for yourself and for nobody else.
>> eg: I want to start my weight loss today and I want to lose up to 10 kilos of fat in less than 2 months to feel beautiful, strong and well in my skin.

Step 3:
Boost your motivation by:
You inspire high level athletes
You inspire women around you who have already succeeded in losing weight.
Better: plan ahead and visualize your success 1 month later >>

Smile! You have lost more than 4 pounds and you are more beautiful and sexier than ever >>

Come back to the present! We must start now to realize your dream as quickly as possible.

Step 4:
Weight yourself regularly minimum every 3 days preferably (but obligatorily) in the morning on an empty stomach after going to the bathroom); You understand why, huh ?!

Step 5:
Purchase a small notebook that you will call “Food journal” which will be the diary or the intimate diary of everything you eat and in which you will note all your meals in details every day.

Step 6:
Eat as little as possible outside (never see if possible).
Eat as much homemade meals as possible.

Step 7:
Remove the junk, industrial dishes and sodas from your kitchen.
Eat more green vegetables, white protein, cereals and whole grains.
Eat with moderation red meat, fruits, nuts, dairy products.

Step 8:
Replace nibbling with healthy snacks 2 times a day >> eg: an apple and a yogurt 0% MG.
Drink between 2 and 3 liters of mineral water per day.
Drink at least one cup of coffee and / or a cup of green tea per day (coffee and green tea are excellent fat burners)

Step 9:
Move as much as possible during the day and limit to the strict minimum the number of hours you sit without moving.
Take the stairs as much as possible, walk out your dog for 10 min, park your car farther than usual >> In short: Find yourself excuses to move more and therefore burn more calories possible.
Made of the minimum sport 3 times a week >> eg: 10 min of fast walk + 5min of light jogging.

Step 10:
Drink relaxing herbal teas at night when you return home.
Sleep earlier than usual, minimum 8 hours to rest well >> (insomnia, sleepless nights, lack of sleep, poor quality sleep all get fat.)
Make stretches, yoga or meditation to de-stress. (A high level of stress is the first factor involved in weight gain.)

This is the end of this article, I hope you liked it. If it is the case share it with your friends.


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