Factors influencing the auto insurance premium

Many factors influence the pricing that insurance companies offer their clients.
In addition, each company can appreciate the same risk differently.
These differences between insurance companies’ pricing justify the existence of our site whose purpose is to bring you the best offers of auto insurance corresponding to your particular profile.

This profile is based on criteria specific to you (your age, address, occupation, …), information about your vehicle and the use you make of it, and takes into account your background In terms of claims.


It is the share of the expenses that remains your responsibility following a disaster .
For example : a motorist insured for damage to his vehicle has a deductible of 1,000 dollar in his auto insurance contract.
If after a responsible accident, the amount of the repair is 4 500 dollar, it will receive 3 500 dollar. In some cases it is possible to have recourse to the person responsible for damage and to recover the deductible.

However, the deductible does not apply in all cases . You generally have nothing to pay if you have recourse against a third party who is 100% responsible, identified and insured at the time of the loss.
Certain contracts, (Eg 1500 Dollar) and proportional deductibles (eg 10% of the damages incurred). In these cases, your insurer will accumulate the two deductibles to assess your compensation. Sometimes an overall ceiling on the amount of deductible is set in the contract.

The contribution calculated for an auto insurance policy without deductible is higher than that for a franchise contract.

Auto insurance contract with assistance guarantee

This is not a mandatory coverage , although it is included in many auto insurance contracts. In the event of a disaster, and depending on the particular context, it covers expenses such as the repatriation of an injured or sick person abroad, the provision of return tickets, organization and taking In charge of a towing, the advance of the medical expenses, the dispatch of the spare parts to repair your car …

Each company will cover all or part of these services, it is advisable to refer to the general conditions of your Auto insurance contract so as not to have any surprises … Generally, this guarantee is not expensive .

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