Filters, candles, battery … There are simple self-repairs that can be made yourself, to avoid a nasty surprise in technical control … and save on his car budget!

1- Change the license plate bulb


The number of your license plate must be visible both day and night. Check that the bulb on the back plate is working and, if necessary, replace it. Disassembly, easy, is done by the trunk using a screwdriver. The procedure for dismantling is usually described in the manual of your car. The pair of bulbs will cost you almost 10 dollar.

2 – Replace brake fluid


Brake fluid depends on the quality of the brake! A replacement is recommended each year.

Handling is within everyone’s reach. To avoid leakage, check the liquid level in the jar above the master cylinder: this level must not be lower than the minimum mark. If this is the case, a diagnosis is necessary and can be made free of charge in your garage.

You can find liquid between 5 and 10 dollar.

3 – Check and change the power steering fluid


Does your vehicle have power steering? Take a look under the hood on the fluid level of it, once the engine is stopped and the wheels straight. If the level is low, make-up is necessary. But normally the level varies little. The power steering fluid is located in the tank under the hood. It is generally identifiable by a steering wheel drawn on the cap.

Your maintenance booklet will tell you the standards you must follow when purchasing the liquid. Price: 10 dollar.

4 – Check the condition of the tires


Tires in poor condition are dangerous: less handling, longer braking, etc. You can locate easily with the wear indicators located in the main grooves: they must not be opened.

Alternatively, a wear gauge, free of charge in some garages, allows you to ensure that the thickness of the rubber exceeds 1.6 mm. If this is not the case, the tire must be changed.

5 – Changing the wipers


It is when it rains you realize it: a worn wiper reduces the visibility, both in front and behind.

If they leave traces, they must be changed. You will find them from 5 euros each.

The operation is simple and lasts a few seconds: the time to remove the broom after lifting it, and to slide the new one making sure that it is well blocked.

6 – Cleaning the air filter


Fuel consumption increases if your air filter is too dirty.

Open the hood and check: if it is slightly gray, a vacuum cleaner will clean it. If it is closer to black or because its color does not inspire confidence, change it, it is simple and you will find in the supermarket or in the garages, between 60 and 80 dollar.

7 – Changing the cockpit air filter


This filter depends on the quality of the air breathed in the passenger compartment. It changes on average every two years or 15,000 km in urban areas, in order to avoid any mildew odor present in the aeration circuit or coming from Of the ventilation circuit. Which can also be disinfected.

This filter is easily accessible under the hood near the air inlet. Its price: from 30 euros.

8 – Changing headlight bulbs


Important both to be seen and to respect the rules of the road, the lights must be in perfect working condition. Light everything and check that it is the case, and if a bulb does not respond, change it.

– Rear lights: The nut is located in the trunk and the handling is similar to a simple change of electric bulb.
– Front lights: The bulb change is done by opening the hood. For precaution, it is better to have a kit of spare bulbs, sold in many shops. From 15 euros the pair of bulbs.

9 – Worn brake pads, what can I do?


Remember that replacing the brake pads is a bit of a technical manipulation, but you can do it if you are able to. The operation takes about twenty minutes.

Be careful to do things correctly: a hold, a few tools of DIY, and ideally a technical manual that will indicate the procedure to follow.

Otherwise, in case of excessive squeaks, notify your garage which will take care of it. Prices start from 40 euros.

10 – Changing the spark plugs


The change of candles, every 120 000 km on average, is not complicated but it should not be wrong to candles to buy!
Take with you your gray card which gives you the indications. The new grinders must be screwed properly, but be careful not to over tighten them. A clamp is necessary and care must be taken not to damage the spark plugs with.

The batch of four candles (one per cylinder for the majority of the vehicles) is exchanged at 40 dollar.

11 – Changing the battery


If your car is old, changing the battery is easy: just buy a new one. The price varies depending on the model and its displacement, and you will find between 50 and 100 dollar, or even more according to your vehicle.

For new cars, electronics complicate the operation. Therefore, it is better to call on a specialist who will take care of it.

12 – Check tire pressure


Tire under inflated, danger! Loss of grip, but also increased fuel consumption, etc.

The service stations have a large majority of inflated air: check the manual of your vehicle for the pressure required for each tire and take care not to over-inflate them.

13 – Changing the timing belt


It is essential to respect the regular (usually 60,000 km) time of change of this element, under penalty of rupture which can destroy the engine.
In case of incessant noise, even after repair times, change the belt. This will cost you up to 500 euros. The stake is too important and the sum is always better than the repair after break, which can exceed 5 000 euros.

The operation is somewhat more technical, but remains accessible to all with the help of the maintenance manual.

14 – Seat belt: can you change it yourself?


The replacement of a seat belt is not allowed but it is compulsory when the seat belt fails. Logic: security is at stake.

In the event of blockage, punctual or frequent, a passage at a garage of your manufacturer is necessary because the operation proves to be complex. An estimate will be offered free of charge. The price varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. You can also find in the trade belts (with all the elements of assembly) for less than 100 euros.

The technical control also passes through this point …

15 – Exhaust, difficult to touch


A muffler in poor condition is a frequent fault that can make you miss out on technical control!

Be aware of the smoke coming from the muffler: if the color is too opaque, there is a problem to be solved and, in this case, a ride in the garage should be considered quickly as this Technical repair requires real expertise in mechanics. Ask for a quote: the price may vary from one sign to another.


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